Hosta Bressingham Blue (1 Bare Root)

Hosta Bressingham Blue    (1 Bare Root)

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Hosta Lilies, otherwise known as "Plantain Lilies" or "Heart Lilies", are favorites of gardeners who want to add bright, sparkling color and interest from early spring to late fall. Bressingham Blue is a unique, colorful variety that bears large, heart-shaped leaves in shades of vivid blue-green. Tall 28" scapes of cool, white blooms lend an interesting contrast to the dark foliage in mid to late summer. Flowers last until early fall and add charm and beauty to shady corners of the landscape. Foliage grows 16-20" tall with an impressive 68" spread. Hostas take about one year to establish, but do not have to be dug or divided. Plant 18-24" apart.