Natural Bulb Food ( 1 ) 1 Lb bag

Natural Bulb Food     ( 1 )   1 Lb bag

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Has your garden's performance started to fizzle over the years? Did your perennials bloom better, bigger and brighter in the past as compared to now? It's a common problem in gardens both large and small. Fortunately, we have the solution. For an extended season filled with healthy, gorgeous blooms throughout the landscape! 100% Natural Perennial Food. This unique formula is derived from naturally occurring substances that have been proven to keep flowers blooming longer, stronger and in greater numbers. Plus, plants become stronger and better able to fend off insect pests and potentially devastating diseases. Also eases the stresses felt from excessive heat and drought. Ingredients include: corn gluten meal, poultry manure, bone meal, molasses, alfalfa meal, linseed meal, kelp meal and cotton seed meal. One pound will cover 33 square feet of planting area.