Tulip Fosteriana Rigas Baricades (10 Bulbs)

Tulip Fosteriana Rigas Baricades     (10 Bulbs)

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Showy, early-blooming tulip has an incredible flower shape. The bright orange-red, spiny petals are long and twisted with reflexed tips, and the gray-green foliage is mottled with purple hues. Named after the barricades in Riga when the Latvian people fought against Russian occupation, the Rigas Baricades Tulip blooms in early to mid spring and is a good variety for perennializing. This variety grows just 8-10" tall, making it a good choice for rock gardens and patio containers. It's also perennializes well. This tulip performs best when the tulip bulbs are planted in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Fosteriana tulip. Bulb size: 12+ cm.